We provide extensive primary

care in an outpatient setting

Our internal departments are well equipped to manage chronic health conditions

Our healthcare team consists of Board Certified physicians of internal medicine.

Medipal provides management and services for many types of Internal Medicine conditions

Services offered


At Medipal department of Internal Medicine, we provide extensive primary care in an outpatient setting while also providing care to hospitalized patients suffering from a wide range of diseases. 


Emergencies come unannounced. This makes the situations more challenging, but this does not happen at Medipal. Largest private emergency facility in Uganda with 24×7 availability of specialist doctors.


Critical care at Medipal, it is an ultra-modern 10 beds specialized Intensive Care Unit providing care for patients in a critically ill or unstable condition. Patients in ICU need constant medical attention and support to keep their body functioning. 


Medipal Cardiology department is the largest cardiovascular practice in the private healthcare of Uganda. Pioneered in Cath Lab (Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory) services in the private healthcare of Uganda.


Our vascular and endovascular surgeons treat blood vessels offering comprehensive treatment for circulatory disorders (vascular diseases) fully to restore maximum health and wellbeing. 


One of its kind in the country Pioneering major Interventional procedures, offers a single window for all minimally invasive procedures which have revolutionized medical treatment options using image guidance. The department offers an array of Vascular and Non Vascular Interventions


Medipal department of Radiology and Imaging was initiated with a vision to offer prompt and early detection, diagnosis and guidance to an individualized care for the disease. 


The department for Gastroenterology offers advanced treatments for various gastro-intestinal disorders. The Center is equipped with the best facilities and supported by a team of expert Gastroenterologists who use the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for ERCP, Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy.


The department is fully fledged with dedicated family planning counseling rooms, gynaecologist consultations rooms, special examination rooms, children immunization, laboratory and dedicated ultrasound scan for mothers.


Medipal Paediatric centre has brought together a friendly team of paediatric specialists to provide the best care at every stage of your child’s development. We provide child care, vaccinations and immunization services for your child and expert care by a team. Our endeavor is to protect children so they may lead healthy, happy lives.


Medipal Urologists are skilled in the full range of urologic surgical procedures, including the latest minimally invasive techniques and extensive reconstructive surgeries. 


The department provides treatment for people with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s stroke, epilepsy, diagnosis and treatment of paralytic disorders, sleep disorders, multidisciplinary assessment and management of multiple sclerosis, and headaches. 


The Center for Ear Nose Throat has a team of surgeons whose credentials go beyond the ordinary. The team is one of the finest in the region with the expertise to handle any kind of trauma / emergency and also undertakes complex surgeries on a regular basis. 


The Department of General Surgery at Medipal is focused to shaping the future of surgery in Uganda with cutting-edge surgical care. We are highly committed to providing the safest, compassionate and most result-oriented clinical and surgical care to enhance patient outcomes. 


The department of ophthalmology deals with the physiology, structure, anatomy and diseases related to the eyes. Our ophthalmologists have the expertise to treat all kind of eye related problems ranging from routine eye examination to eye surgery and other conditions of the eyes and surrounding structures.


The department offers services to children, teens, adults and patients with special dental healthcare needs. Our skilled team provides routine and specialized diagnostic procedures and treatments like oral and maxillofacial surgery, advanced conservative treatment, orthodontics, dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics and reconstructive dentistry.


The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is dedicated to restoring you to your optimum health and functional abilities after any musculoskeletal illness or injury. Physiotherapists work round the clock to deliver the best possible patient care to both our outpatients as well as inpatients.


Laboratory at Medipal; a state -of-the-art fully automated pathology and diagnostic solution provider operating under the clinical oversight of leading pathologists.

The most accurate results provide the most accurate treatment. We work towards precision and specificity.


Inpatient (accommodation). We have 80 bed capacity comprising of private wards, semi private wards, general ward, and VIP.


Medipal offers OPD services under the Primary care category, where patients can avail services from General Physician as well as specialists and super-specialists.







OPEN  :  Mon – Sun
TIME   :   8:30am – 5:00pm

Medipal Testing Center


  • The COVID-19 certificate is valid for 72hr (3Days)
  • For all people traveling abroad please carry your passports.
  • We strongly advise all travelers to precisely inform themselves with regard to any possible travel information or any travel restriction applicable to their country of destination before planning a trip
  • We further recommend to only consider official governmental sources of information for such purpose.
Where and when can i test?

 Medipal testing center is an exclusive entity separate from the other hospital departments.

It was accredited by the Ministry Of Health (MOH) in May 2020. It is the first and still the only accredited private hospital facility to test for COVID-19 in Uganda.

Its located along Babiha (Acacia) Ave, just after the Uganda Golf course.

Opposite Metropole Hotel Kampala

How to get tested?

Register Online or Onsite


Register on the link


  • Come with a facemask
  • Observe social distance
  • Make sure you sanitize.
  • Come with identification documents as well as a passport (for travelers)
  • Please do not drink, eat, or brush your teeth 15min before a test.
How long is a test result?

Usually 24hrs from the time you are issued a sample receipt.

The certificate is issued through the Ministry of Health.



How much it costs?
  • Ordinary Test         UGX 350,000  (24 – 48 hours)
  • Express Test           UGX 550,000  (12 hours)
  • Workplace test more than 10 individuals contact us
How can i pay?

You can pay by the following;

  • Cash
  • Mobile money / Airtel Money.
  • Visa Card



Medipal International Healthcare


Medipal International Healthcare is one of Uganda’s largest private tertiary care hospital established in 2019 with the entire gamut of services from diagnostic, invasive and noninvasive services, and imaging available under one roof. Medipal has put modern technology in the hands of renowned consultants from across the country and abroad to set new standards in the healthcare of Uganda. The medical practices and procedures followed in the hospital are research oriented and bench marked against the best in the world. We constantly look for ways to raise the bar on quality healthcare and safety for our patients























































Coronavirus Prevention Tips 

Wear a mask

Wash your hands 


Cover your nose and mouth with your bent elbow

Don’t touch your face

Keep a safe distance

Clean and Disinfect



Address: John Babiha (Acacia) Ave, Kampala

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +256 787 701 269
Phone: +256 759 729 849
Phone: 0800 336 677 Toll Free